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We approach our business with honesty, transparency, and a high level of competence. Founded on our partners' complementary skill sets and experienced perspective, we have an excellent reputation for offering hands-on, responsive advice in the mortgage finance arena.

Reverse mortgages remain a largely misunderstood financial planning tool. Much of our effort is in informing borrowers, investors and third party providers about the benefits - and challenges - reverse mortgages offer. We have been working with the industry more than 20 years and are still dispelling misconceptions and educating professionals on the merits of reverse mortgage investing. The predictive nature of event-based maturities adds to the inherent value of the instrument as a stable investment. Because misinformation still exists in the marketplace, we believe strongly there remains a significant opportunity for value, and for long-term growth, as reverse mortgages reach their inevitable tipping point of acceptability.

The industry has many important constituents, and decisions are developed by consensus. Social responsibility and senior advocacy are inextricably linked to reverse mortgage's long-term success. Protecting senior homeowners in reverse mortgage transactions, and promoting the widespread availability of third-party information and counseling to consumers and their advisors on reverse mortgage transactions, is inherent in our mission. It is a product and market in transition, and as improvements are implemented, reverse mortgage's strong public purpose will prevail, continuing its track record of consistent investment performance, and access to home equity to benefit the country's ever-growing senior population.


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